Men's Grooming

Men and women have different skin. Men's skin is oilier and more robust, but it also gets weakened more, particularly by shaving. It also ages differently. One thing is certain: from exfoliation to combating the signs of aging to losing weight, men have the same concerns as women!

Anna's Spa & Wellness has a complete line of Marine-based products for the face and body, adapted for the needs of men. These products are effective , skin friendly and produces impressive results. Immerse yourself in the power of nature and feel purity restored in your inner beauty.

Waxing / Threading

  • Eyebrow shaping $16 or Series of 3 for $36
  • Side Burn / Smile Bone $10
  • Back or  Chest $45 (including shoulder)
  • Stomach Wax  $25
  • Back and Chest $90
  • Shoulder $20
  • Full Arms $45
  • Full legs $69
  • Under Arms $17

Foot Care

Power Foot Soak includes Foot Massage  $49
add-on paraffin wax or Hot-Stone for $12

Just sit back and relax!!Your feet are cleansed. Cuticle , heel , nail care , massage from foot to knee, and buff to insure that your feet are fully revitalized.


Hand Care

Deluxe Hand Care  $30
add-on paraffin wax for $12

Rough, dry hands will be revitalized with a treatment that includes a hand massage, exfoliation, nail buffing and shaping.


We offer Facails   treatment which can be adapted in the same ways as our other facial treatments with identical techniques depending on the benefit selected (Moisturizing, Soothing, Purifying, or Anti-Aging).

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